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Every parent’s nightmare is when their teenager grabs the car keys and says, “I’m going out!” Instant panic and fear set in as you worry not only about your child’s driving habits, but also those of everyone else on the road. An alarming study by the AAA revealed 2/3 of all car accident injuries or fatalities involve a teen driver. According to this report, the “100 Deadliest Days” for teen drivers commence from Memorial Day through Labor Day and the major contributing factors for these preventable fatalities are speeding, drinking and driving, and distraction.

Summer is on its way and while your teenager is likely anticipating an exciting experience consisting of riding around town with their friends, it is vital you set strict ground rules before he or she even hits the road.

Help protect your teen driver by considering the following precautionary steps:

  • Wait to buy your teen a vehicle until they have gained more experience, as driving the family car will impose a distinct sense of responsibility.
  • Your teen may resent you for it, but setting a curfew will go a long way in preventing a tragic accident. Many accidents happen later at night when there is less visibility as well as a higher chance of drunk or impaired drivers.
  • Set a good example by not using your cell phone or engaging in other distracting behaviors when you are behind the wheel.
  • Gain more understanding of their driving habits by asking to tag along for errands or other short drives.
  • Explain that there is a zero-tolerance alcohol policy when it comes to driving. Ensure they have alternate transportation options in case of emergency.

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