5 Auto Safety Tips

In case you haven’t considered defensive driving on the road, let us refresh your mind with these top auto safety tips to help keep other drivers safe. It’s crucial that whenever you’re on the road, keeping your well-being as well as others in mind can allow you to have a clear vision of how to safely drive. Now let’s take a look at what you should take into consideration while driving. 

Eyes on the Road at All Times 

This is pretty much a given when you’re on the road. Keeping your eyes on the road and looking out for your surroundings is the best way to safely drive to your destination. Remember, you’re not only responsible for yourself, but for others that are also on the road. 

Don’t Text and Drive 

A highly recommended tip that drivers must follow. Texting and driving can lead to massive consequences for both you and other drivers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has recently claimed that 434 people have died from accidents that involved cell-phone use.

Always Watch Your Speed 

Admit it. You often forget about checking your speed whenever you drive. However, this shouldn’t prevent you from watching your speed. Being aware of the speed limit that you’re driving  as well as the controlled speed limit on a certain street will keep you and other drivers safe at bay. 

Use Proper Grip to Hold a Steering Wheel 

Yes, there is a new and improved way to properly hold the steering wheel of your car. According to the NHTSA, it’s recommended the technique known as the, “9” and 3” should be used by drivers nowadays. This type of grip technique allows your hands to have more freedom and flexibility than the traditional “10 and 2” due to dangerous occurrences that can happen with vehicles that have smaller steering wheels. 

“Start SMART” 

It all starts when you drive SMART. Thanks to liacars.com there’s an acronym to live by whenever you’re on the road. Let’s take a look at it below.  

  • S: Seatbelts on with the seat adjusted 
  • M: Mirrors adjusted and clean 
  • A: Air and heat controls set 
  • R: Radio set 
  • T: Thoroughly check surroundings 

Due to SMART, drivers can effectively protect themselves and other people on the road safely. Without these five simple steps, defensive driving wouldn’t exist. Making sure that you thoroughly check your surroundings or adjust the settings of your car to feel comfortable will allow you to create better decisions as you drive.