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After a car accident, you will undoubtedly have a lot of questions about what to do next. We are an experienced Muskogee car accident law firm and we completely understand the challenge you are facing and are here to help you get the maximum benefit the law will allow for your injuries.

What Should I Do if I Am Injured?

  • If you are injured, the most important thing is getting you medical attention. If you do not have medical insurance coverage, contact us to discuss how you can medical treatment with no up-front costs to you.
  • Remember to keep track of all injuries as a result of the accident. If possible, you should also take pictures of all of your injuries – preferably before you are treated. You should also retain all correspondence, including notes, emails, or letters pertinent to your car accident case.
  • Your medical receipts will serve as a paper trail of your injuries that may help prove that you were injured in the car accident.
  • Police reports usually start this paper trail and also serve to document situations concerning your Muskogee car accident.
  • You should document your mileage and keep track of any work you have missed to claim lost wages.

Do I Really Need a Car Accident Attorney for My Case?

Lots of people assume they do not need the help of a car accident attorney to handle your Muskogee auto accident case. We strongly advise you to rethink this, as a recent study done by the Insurance Research Council has determined that people who retain a car accident attorney to protect their rights typically receive a larger payout than those who choose to defend themselves.

Car Accident Injury Claims Can Be Extremely Complicated

There are so many loose ends to track during a car accident case. The list of things to cover can become increasingly complicated.

A few of items you need to include handle during a claim:

  • Mounting medical bills
  • Submitting proper insurance paperwork
  • Witness accounts of the events
  • Official police reports

We are experienced Muskogee car accident lawyers ready to work for you to navigate around the obstacles that can harm your claim.

The Bottom Line After a Car Accident

After any car accident, you are faced with a fight with the insurance company over how much you deserve for your injuries. Insurance companies have an experienced team of professionals protecting the company’s best interests.

At our law office, we level the playing field for you to make it a fair fight. We all understand that the insurance company makes money by collecting premiums from their clients, paying settlements is not a way to generate profits. Why should you settle for their low-ball offer? We feel you should get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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