Children are prone to curiosity, perhaps unknowingly inserting themselves into dangerous situations. Attractive nuisances are objects or spaces so interesting they entice children to enter a property without fully realizing the danger of doing so. The law of attractive nuisances seeks to protect children from this as they do not yet have the skills to comprehend potential risks. Therefore, property and landowners are responsible first and foremost for ensuring their space is not easily accessible.

My Child Was Injured: Who is Responsible?

If the property owner has reason to believe children would potentially have access to their property, he or she is likely to be held liable for said child’s injuries. These injuries occur as a result of items or objects which both draw the child in and simultaneously cause him or her harm, including emotional trauma.

The following are common examples of attractive nuisances:

  • Swimming pools, Jacuzzis, ponds, and fountains
  • Tunnels and wells
  • Animals
  • Open holes
  • Slides, swings, and playsets
  • Yardwork tools, lawnmowers
  • Construction work
  • Industrial equipment or machinery
  • Easily climbable roofs
  • Abandoned appliances or vehicles

If your child was victimized due to another’s negligence, we understand you must be suffering a great deal of stress and anxiety about their wellbeing. Refocusing this energy to hold negligent parties responsible is essential.

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