Car Accident Statistics – Oklahoma

According to statistics from the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, a total of 56,212 traffic crashes have occurred within the state of Oklahoma. 

Drivers distracted by electronic devices have been responsible for 1,720 total crashes, 694 injuries and 11 fatal accidents ( 

As of 2021, 628 fatalities have taken place as a result of car accidents. This is lower than the total number of fatalities that occurred last year, which in total was 637 (

26.9 Males living in the state of Oklahoma have died from car accidents while 13.5 females have also died from motor vehicle accidents ( .

The total number of deaths within the United States are lower than the death rates in the state of Oklahoma by 9.5% ( 

Importance of Safe Driving 

Every driving choice has a consequence. You constantly make quick decisions. That’s why it’s important to learn about the facts on how to have a safe driving outlook when you’re out on the road. Creating safe road habits will also allow you to minimize your risks from car accidents. After all, it’s because of defensive driving that keeps others as well as yourself safe. 

It’s no secret that that safe driving will prevent car accidents and fatalities. Encouraging  safe driving culture is effective because it teaches licensed drivers how to practice defensive driving. Your main focus as a driver is to pay attention to the road that’s in front of you.        

Things to Do When Involved in a Car Accident 

Some would say car accidents are inevitable. Depending on the impact of a car accident, it’s important to be concerned about the well being of drivers that were both involved including yourself. Typically when there are minor accidents, drivers will tend to exchange information and license plate numbers with one another as well as take pictures of the damage to show their insurance providers. As for major accidents, calling 911 is also another option that can ease the situation of both drivers.

Another key factor that should also be considered is who is at fault. Keeping that in mind will definitely help out the situation because there’s constantly going to be someone or something that will be at fault in a car accident. Remember to think about how every decision you make has a consequence despite how good or bad it may be. 


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