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Auto Accident – Injury Resources

Car accidents are becoming more and more inevitable, with a cavalry of under-trained and distracted drivers on the road and poor infrastructure. Driver Knowledge compiled a number of statistics on the state of car accidents in the United States. Here are a few statistics that will blow your mind: Each year, more than 6 million car accidents

Auto Accident – Brain Injury Symptoms

Car accidents are becoming more and more common, with drivers focusing on their phones more than the roads and the ever weakening infrastructure. Since many of these accidents render head injuries, it is important for you to be able to gauge the severity of the injury in order to avoid long term consequences. There are

What You Should Know About Motorcycle Accident Liabilities

Although it’s the most amazing fun thing to do, it comes with tons of liability and sometimes death. Riding a motorcycle is just as risky as driving a car. When asking yourself is it worth the risk, you also have to consider the pros and cons of owning and riding a motorcycle. The average liability

5 Auto Safety Tips

In case you haven’t considered defensive driving on the road, let us refresh your mind with these top auto safety tips to help keep other drivers safe. It’s crucial that whenever you’re on the road, keeping your well-being as well as others in mind can allow you to have a clear vision of how to

State Insurance Laws for Oklahoma

Oklahoma State Insurance Laws According to Geico, insurance coverage for body injury liability is $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident in the state of Oklahoma. It’s important to have car insurance because it can help cover losses and medical bills. The Oklahoma Daily Traffic Fatality Report also states that more fatalities have increased this year compared to

Car Accident Statistics – Oklahoma

According to statistics from the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, a total of 56,212 traffic crashes have occurred within the state of Oklahoma.  Drivers distracted by electronic devices have been responsible for 1,720 total crashes, 694 injuries and 11 fatal accidents (  As of 2021, 628 fatalities have taken place as a result of car accidents. This

What to Do After a Vehicle Accident?

You have just been involved in a car accident. You look around confused and in shock at what just happened. You thought your day could not get any worse before this happened. In all of your years on the road, you had never been in a fender bender…until now. The events of what has just

Distracted Driving – Mobile Devices

When you are first learning to drive, your main focus is on becoming comfortable behind the wheel and eventually getting a license. Through the instruction of a teacher or another experienced driver that is close to you, you are taught where to put your hands on the steering wheel, where to look every few seconds,

Tulsa Distracted Driving Accidents – Who Is Liable for Damages?

Distracted driving continues to be a common cause of traffic crashes in Tulsa. In 2019, 8,646 distracted driving crashes were reported. Thousands of people were injured and 40 people died. Tulsa County distracted driving accidents totaled 1,218, and the City of Tulsa reported 864 distracted driving crashes. Injuries and Damages Caused by Distracted Drivers The

Auto Accident FAQs for Tulsa Drivers

If you have been in an automobile accident, there are some things you need to know to protect your legal rights. Our Tulsa car accident lawyers discuss five auto accident FAQs in this blog that could help you recover the compensation you deserve after another driver causes a car crash in Tulsa. Five Auto Accident