Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation: Repetitive Injuries

Sometimes it can be a struggle to find a workers’ comp attorney that can work with you. When it comes to repetitive injuries that were sustained on the job or at a worksite, it’s important to have a consultation with your workers’ comp attorney to learn about your best options. Having this consultation will allow

Filing a Claim Process for Workers’ Compensation

If you or someone you know has been injured or suffered an illness at work, then it’s best to file a Workers Compensation claim. Now, don’t be fooled about the easy steps to take when filing. There’s more to a workers’ compensation claim than you think. Workers’ compensation is a mandated system run by the

Workers’ Comp FAQs

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, you need to be well versed with worker’s compensation insurance and regulations thereof. By workers’ comp or worker’s compensation insurance, we refer to the coverage used by companies to safeguard themselves in the event that an employee, worker or laborer is hurt, injured or sick during or as

Workers Compensation FAQs for Tulsa Workers

An on-the-job injury can cause serious injuries. A workplace accident can also turn your life upside down. Being unable to work can be frustrating and frightening. However, the Oklahoma workers’ compensation system provides benefits to injured workers to help them as they recover from a workplace injury. Below are some important workers compensation FAQs that

We Are Open During COVID Pandemic

The Law Office of Michael R. Green, PLLC, is open during COVID. Our legal team continues to offer exceptional legal services to accident victims and their families throughout Oklahoma. Attorney Michael R. Green is passionate about helping accident victims fight for the compensation they deserve after suffering an injury. We have not allowed the COVID-19

Oklahoma’s Workers’ Compensation vs. Third Party Claims

The Oklahoma’s Workers’ Compensation system generally covers most workplace injuries and accidents. Workers’ compensation may also cover illnesses and other medical conditions that directly resulted from a person’s employment. Family members may also be entitled to death benefits if a worker dies from a job-related accident or illness. However, injured workers may also have another


Almost every employee in the United States is required, by law, to be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. From small operations to large corporations, almost every employer in the nation must purchase workers’ compensation insurance to ensure their employees will be covered in the event of an on-the-job injury. Although workers’ compensation is a widespread system, there


Slips and falls that occur in the workplace can result in serious and disabling injuries to employers, employees, vendors, and customers. Injuries caused by slips and falls are second among preventable workplace injuries, which is why it is crucial to ensure your workplace is equipped with the right signage. Simple things like placing fold-up signs around the


As an employee in the United States, you are entitled to certain rights if you are injured while working. Almost every employer in the nation is required to have a worker’ compensation insurance plan that provides benefits to employees who sustain an on-the-job injury. Although employers and their insurance providers are responsible for covering the injury-related expenses

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