Hazardous Road Safety Tips for Tulsa Drivers

Traffic accidents can happen during any conditions. However, some road conditions can make driving more treacherous on Oklahoma roads. Below are five hazardous road safety tips for Tulsa drivers that might help you avoid a car accident.

Five Hazardous Road Safety Tips You Should Know

Adverse Weather Conditions Occur Year Round

Severe weather conditions can occur throughout the year in Oklahoma. From winter storms to tornadoes, hailstorms, and high winds, weather conditions can change quickly. Knowing how to drive safely in all types of weather is essential. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation has driving tips for all weather conditions on its website.

Driving in Congested Traffic Conditions

Driving during periods of high traffic can be stressful. Traffic congestion can cause some drivers to become aggressive. You may encounter road rage in some cases. The best way to handle traffic congestion is to slow down and be patient. If you encounter a motorist displaying aggressive driving behaviors or road rage, do not engage the driver.

Always stay focused on the road ahead and avoid distractions during periods of high traffic. Traffic can stop suddenly. If you are not paying attention, you may cause an accident.

Avoiding Accidents Caused by Potholes

Potholes cause a hazardous road safety concern for many drivers. Keeping your eyes on the road ahead is one of the best ways to avoid a pothole accident. If you see a pothole, slow down and try to change lanes. If you cannot avoid the pothole, keep a firm grip on the steering wheel and slow down as much as possible before crossing over the pothole.

Accidents Caused by Vehicles Hauling Items

Trucks and passenger vehicles hauling furniture, equipment, and other items can be dangerous on roads. If the items are not securely fastened, they can fall off the vehicle without warning. Allow extra room between your vehicle and the other vehicles. As soon as it is safe to do so, you may want to pass the vehicle to avoid following it.

Avoiding Road Debris Accidents

Road debris is another hazardous road safety concern. Drivers swerving to miss something on the road can cause an accident. Paying attention to the road is the best defense against road debris accidents. When you see something in the road ahead, slow down and change lanes safely. Never assume debris is safe to “run over.” You never know what could be lying under an item that could cause a tire blowout or cause you to lose control of the vehicle if you run over it.

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