Tulsa Oklahoma Motorcycle Accidents add to the billions of dollars and the impact on the lives of those involved

Motorcycle crashes are deadlier and cost more than crashes involving other types of motor vehicles.

There is nothing protecting a rider except what he’s wearing on his body. So if a motorcycle hits something or something hits a motorcycle, the consequences are often dire.

However, when a new study came out that quantified the costs of motorcycle accidents, it was surprising to learn just how much deadlier (and costlier) motorcycle accidents are, reports

In the study performed by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), researchers found that motorcycle crashes were 30 times more deadly than other types of crashes.

In 2010, the GAO reported that 82,000 riders were hurt in motorcycle accidents and about 4,500 were killed. The total immediate costs of these accidents was about $16 billion.

On average, a fatal motorcycle crash cost about $1.2 million, while non-fatal accidents cost anywhere from $2,500 to $1.4 million depending upon the type of rider injuries suffered, reports

So what makes a motorcycle accident so costly?

As mentioned above, the primary reason may be how exposed a motorcycle rider is. For example, a car crashing into a tree traveling at 25 mph may lead to some minor injuries as the driver is protected by steel, airbags, safety belts, and other features.

By contrast, a motorcycle rider would likely suffer horrific injuries or even death. If the motorcycle rider is wearing a helmet, he may be able to mitigate his injuries, but there is not much else that can be done to protect the rider from the impact of a crash.

And as the severity of injuries for motorcycle accident victims may be greater, the costs for medical procedures, insurance, rehabilitation, disability payments, and other expenses will also be higher.

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