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One important factor in obtaining the best possible settlement is to let the insurance company know that if a battle were to take place concerning a claim, you are in a position to have the most qualified attorneys possible engage in the fight and win the case. Another crucial factor is understanding all of the legal and factual issues with regard to a claim so that a competent and professional evaluation can be rendered.

Protecting Policyholders from Bad Faith Practices

Those with insurance encounter bad faith insurance practices when insurance companies deny claims, delay decisions on claims, or retroactively cancel policies. We represent people whose homeowners or automobile insurance company acts in bad faith. Failure to pay an insured’s claim poses many problems to people who are already in fragile circumstances. We represent people who have lost their homes through fires and have had their claims denied. We represent people who have suffered automobile accidents and are denied coverage.

Our firm is aware of the motivations behind insurance fraud, claims denial, and other forms of abuse from insurance companies. Insurance companies are interested in making money. Often, they take advantage of people who are in desperate situations. Insurance companies routinely deny claims and delay payments with the understanding that many people eventually stop pursuing the claim.

Demonstrating a Breach of Good Faith & Fair Dealing

Demonstrating bad faith when an insurance claim has been denied involves showing, on the part of the insurance provider, that the company’s duty of good faith and fair dealing has been violated.

  • It is necessary to establish that the policyholder has made a demand in order to show bad faith. Our attorneys can help you document your demand.
  • The case requires a clear understanding of Oklahoma law and legal precedent regarding terms such as “intent” and “household”. Do not assume that your agent or adjuster is correct when telling you a loss is not covered.
  • Our bad faith lawyers know what should be in a claims file. Whether a gap in the claims log is due to carelessness or intention, it can constitute proof of bad faith on the part of the insurance company.
  • We can often predict the clause a company will use to deny a claim, and are prepared to demonstrate any error.
  • A bad faith claim denial can involve any policy, including a homeowners’ policy, an uninsured auto insurance policy, a group health program, disability insurance, auto collision and comprehensive insurance, or any other policy you own which fails to pay for your loss.

What If I Cashed an Insurance Check Already?

This does not mean you have given up your right to dispute the amount of the payment. If you and the insurance company agree there were losses and you cashed a check, that simply indicates the check compensated you for the undisputed amount of the full loss.

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