Safe Driving Tips for Tulsa Drivers – How to Avoid a Car Accident

Avoidable traffic accidents result in thousands of deaths and injuries each year on Oklahoma roads. Most car accidents are caused by human errors, mistakes, and negligence. While some factors contributing to a crash are not within the driver’s control, such as defective tires or road hazards, many of the wrecks on Tulsa roads could be avoided if drivers practiced safe driving tips.

Seven Save Driving Tips for Tulsa Drivers

Below are seven safe driving tips that could help you prevent a tragic car crash and save the life of someone you love.

1.  Never Drive While Intoxicated

Just a couple of beers can reduce your ability to operate a vehicle safely. If you plan to drink, do not drive. It is against the law, and you could kill yourself or an innocent victim.

2.  Reduce Speed

Higher speeds increase the chance of a car accident. It also increases the severity of the injuries from a car crash. Always obey posted speed limits. Slow down during poor weather or road conditions and when driving near schools, neighborhoods, and parks where children, pedestrians, and bicyclists are near.

3.  Always Pay Attention to the Road

Distracted driving continues to be one of the most common causes of traffic accidents in the country. Texting while driving, talking on a cell phone, reaching for objects, adjusting controls, and any other activities that take your attention away from driving can be deadly. Take the pledge to put down your cell phone and focus your complete attention on driving to reduce the number of car accidents.

4.  Always Wear Seat Belts and Use Child Safety Seats

Whenever you get into a vehicle, buckle up. Securely fasten your children in safety seats designed for their height and weight. Seat belts and car seats save lives.

5.  Never Tailgate or Drive Aggressively

If we are honest without ourselves, there are times when we become frustrated with traffic and drive more aggressively. We might be in a rush to get someone, or we may merely be having a bad day. Tailgating and aggressive driving increase the risk of a car accident. Rear-end accidents are one of the most common types of wrecks.

6.  Get Plenty of Rest Before Driving

Drowsy driving can be as dangerous as drunk driving. Missing just a few hours of sleep could increase your risk of a car crash. Do not drive if you feel fatigued or drowsy, or missed several hours of sleep.

7.  Practice Good Car Maintenance

Your vehicle’s maintenance is essential for safe driving. Make sure you check your tires and replace worn tires immediately. Replace worn-out windshield wipers and burnt-out lights. Having your vehicle inspected and tuned-up regularly can help reduce the risk of a car accident.

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