Slips and falls that occur in the workplace can result in serious and disabling injuries to employers, employees, vendors, and customers. Injuries caused by slips and falls are second among preventable workplace injuries, which is why it is crucial to ensure your workplace is equipped with the right signage.

Simple things like placing fold-up signs around the area of the spill or leak can inform people of the hazard so that they avoid the space until it is cleaned up. This easy prevention measure can reduce common injuries caused by slips and falls. You should take the time to identify areas in your workplace that lack signage to warn of potential dangers. Strategically placed signage not only prevents injuries but also prevents workplace violations.

In addition to fold-up signs for identifying dangerous spills, you should also use chemical and physical hazard signs and facilities maintenance signage throughout your workplace to ensure workers are aware of various dangers. Signage with alert symbols and pictograms that communicate hazards work best because they are easy to decipher. Make sure the signs you use are clearly labeled and colored with signal words and font styles that are easy to read.

Signage should be placed in the flowing areas to ensure maximum efficiency:

  • Above One’s Head: 78 inches, or 6.5 feet above the floor
  • Eye-Level: 55 to 66 inches, or 4 to 5.5 feet above the floor
  • Below Knee-Height: 4 to 18 inches above the floor

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