Slip and Fall Accidents – Do You Know What to Do After a Fall?

No one expects to fall and get hurt while shopping, at a friend’s house, or while on vacation. However, it happens. Slip and fall accidents are some of the most common types of premises liability claims.

Insurance companies might try to downplay a fall, claiming that the fall could not have caused serious injuries. However, do not let an insurance adjuster pressure you into a quick accident settlement. Instead, make sure you get the facts about slip and fall accidents from a trusted Tulsa personal injury attorney.

Five Things You Need to Know About Slip and Fall Accidents in Tulsa

If you were injured in a slip, trip, and fall accident, these five FAQs is important to know.

Slip and Fall Accidents Cause Serious Injuries

Falls can cause traumatic injuries that could result in permanent impairments. Common injuries from falls include:

  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Back and spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries, including concussions, skull fractures, and contusions
  • Paralysis
  • Neck injuries
  • Sprains and strains

Report the accident immediately to the property owner and document the scene by taking photographs and making a video. Ask eyewitnesses for their names and contact information.

Property Owners Can Be Liable for Accidents

Homeowners, government entities, landlords, and business owners can be liable for an injury on their property. Property owners have a duty to take reasonable steps to keep their property free from hazards that could injure people who enter the property legally. When they breach that duty of care, they can be held liable if the breach results in injury and damages.

You Need to Document Your Damages

As soon as possible, seek medical treatment for your injuries. The sooner you see a doctor, the better for your injury claim. Delays in medical care could hurt your case. Keep copies of all documents related to the accident and your medical care.

You Could Receive Compensation for Your Injuries and Damages

The compensation available for a slip and fall accident claim depends on the facts of your case. However, most accident victims can receive compensation for their financial losses, such as medical bills and loss of income. They can also receive compensation for their pain and suffering damages.

However, you must prove that the property owner is liable for your damages. Our personal injury attorneys aggressively investigate claims to determine what happened to you and gather evidence to prove your claim.

Your Time to File a Claim Is Limited

The Oklahoma statute of limitations restricts the time you have to file a claim. Slip and fall accidents that occur on government property have very short deadlines for filing claims.

It is generally in your best interest to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible after your fall. An attorney can analyze your claim, calculate deadlines, and advise you on protecting your best interests.

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