Personal Injury Lawyer

Wrongful Death – Status of Limitations

Personal injuries are becoming increasingly common as the number of accidents increase dramatically over time. In some cases, these accidents and injuries are so severe that the victims die as a consequence. If a near and dear family member, friend or acquaintance has recently lost their life after suffering a severe personal injury, you can

Personal Injuries – Burden of Proof

Accidents take place all the time – and they are all of different kinds and the impact or injury caused to the victim is of varying degrees of severity. Victims can and should file a lawsuit to get compensated for personal injuries and costs associated thereto. One very crucial part of the lawsuit is the

Premises Liability in Tulsa

If you own property in Tulsa, Oklahoma, it is your responsibility as a responsible and law abiding citizen of the state and the country to ensure that it is kept safe and well maintained and does not cause harm or injury to anyone else. When property owners fail to maintain their land and end up