Three Car Accident Myths You Need to Know

If you are involved in a car crash, you will likely deal with an insurance adjuster. Before you accept what an insurance adjuster tells you about car accident claims, it helps to understand the truth about three common car accident myths.

The Truth About Car Accident Myths

There are several myths about car crash claims. You should be aware of these myths before dealing with an insurance company or claims adjuster.

You May Recover Compensation if You Are At-Fault

In most cases, the driver who caused the car accident is financially liable for the other parties’ injuries, financial losses, and other damages. However, in some cases, both drivers might be partially responsible for the cause of the crash. The insurance company might tell you that you cannot recover compensation if your actions contributed to the cause of the car wreck. That might or might not be true.

Under Oklahoma’s comparative negligence laws, you can recover compensation if your fault for the accident does not exceed 50 percent. If your fault for the car accident is more than 50 percent, you cannot recover money for your claim.

For example, if your fault for the car wreck is 30 percent, you could receive 70 percent of the value of your injury claim. Your compensation for the claim is reduced by the percentage of fault assigned to you for causing the accident.

You Could Receive Compensation for Future Damages

An insurance company might tell you that you can only receive compensation for damages through the date of your settlement. That statement is also partially true. You cannot demand that the insurance company pay you more money for your injury claim once you sign the settlement agreement, even if you discover additional injuries or damages.

However, you can receive compensation for future damages. Future damages might include ongoing medical expenses or personal care costs for a permanent disability. You may also receive compensation for future loss of income or decreases in earning potential for permanent impairments. However, you must include these amounts in the settlement before you sign a release.

A Pre-Existing Injury Prevents You From Receiving Compensation

A pre-existing injury does not prevent you from recovering compensation for a car accident claim. If the car wreck aggravated a pre-existing condition or injury, you are entitled to compensation for the additional injury. The insurance company might try to convince you that it is not liable for current damages because you had a pre-existing condition. Do not fall for this common insurance tactic. Talk to a Tulsa car accident attorney immediately.

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Insurance companies have one goal – pay as little as possible to resolve your injury claim. They will use a variety of tactics to undervalue your claim, if they cannot find a way to deny the claim. It is in your best interest to talk with a lawyer before answering questions, providing statements, or signing any documents for an insurance company.

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