Auto Accidents

After a serious car accident, it is important to have an Oklahoma car accident lawyer with the knowledge and experience to get you what you deserve. The Law Offices of Michael R. Green, PLLC. will work hard to settle your case and help recover any damages or losses from your car accident. For over 20 years, Mike Green Injury Attorneys have represented those injured in a Car Accident. If you've been injured, THINK GREEN, Attorney Mike Green.


If you need an experienced Oklahoma Personal Injury Attorney, you need to THINK GREEN, Attorney Mike Green. The Law Offices of Michael R. Green, PLLC. are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We have years of experience helping those who were injured by the negligence of others. Our personal injury attorneys will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.


The workers' compensation system is designed to be a quick and hassle-free compensation system to protect anyone who has been injured on the job. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. This system can be highly complex and overwhelming, but the goal is to make sure that somebody who was injured at work receives the appropriate medical attention, gains any lost wages relating to the work injury and receives rehabilitation if necessary. As an employee, you have the rights to claim workers' compensation benefits to reimburse you for all reasonable and necessary medical treatments resulting form your on-the-job injury.

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