After a car accident, you will spend a considerable amount of time on the phone. You will have to call local law enforcement to the scene and you will have to report the incident to your insurance company. Additionally, you will receive a call from the other party’s insurance company within hours following the accident. The conversation you have with their insurance adjuster should be handled with care. Anything you say will be subject to scrutiny and might be used to deprive you of compensation.

How to Handle Your Conversation with the Insurance Adjuster

Always pay attention to what you say when speaking to the insurance adjuster. The insurance adjuster’s job is to save the company money, so if you get too conversational, you might accidentally say something that harms your claim. If your injuries are particularly severe, you know you cannot afford to make mistakes that will cost you the compensation you deserve.

Here are some statements you should avoid making during any of your phone calls with the adjuster:

  • Accepting blame: You probably will not admit fault for the accident, but some of the words you choose to use might suggest an admittance of fault. For example, if you apologize for the accident, it will seem as though you are accepting the blame for it. Stay away from apologetic phrases.

  • Guessing how the accident occurred: Accidents happen out of the blue, so you might not be aware of some of the details that led up to. Instead of speculating or vocalizing your best guesses, politely decline to discuss the details of the accident. Making inaccurate statements will hurt your personal injury claim.

  • Talking about your injuries: It is too soon to start talking about your injuries, even if you already had a chance to see a doctor. Once you reach maximum medical improvement (MMI), you and your lawyer can discuss your injuries in a demand letter. Until then, keep this information to yourself and do not sign any waivers to grant the insurance company access to your medical records.

  • Providing a recorded statement: During this conversation, you will likely be asked to give a recorded statement. It is crucial for you to decline this request. Even if you are led to believe that you are required to oblige this request, no such requirement exists. Politely decline and move on.

Keep these tips in mind during your first conversation with the insurance adjuster and be sure to obtain skilled legal counsel as soon as possible. Your personal injury attorney will be able to advise you on how to handle subsequent phone calls.

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