Workers’ Compensation: Repetitive Injuries

Sometimes it can be a struggle to find a workers’ comp attorney that can work with you. When it comes to repetitive injuries that were sustained on the job or at a worksite, it’s important to have a consultation with your workers’ comp attorney to learn about your best options. Having this consultation will allow you to look at your options as well as how much you could receive as compensation.

Depending on the situation of your injury can also contribute to how your attorney wants to pursue the case. There are times where employees do not have to have assistance of an attorney when another injury has occured. However, with repetitive injuries, we’ll discuss what will be the next steps that you can take once you connect with a workers’ comp attorney as well as the aftermath from reporting said repetitive injuries that were caused on the job or work site. 

Working with a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Cooperating with a workers’ comp attorney should be the number one golden rule as soon as you’ve been involved in another work-related injury. If you have not been injured at work before, then it’s best to contact a workers’ comp attorney either way. Once your injury has been recorded in a report, your attorney should be able to have a walkthrough of what’s happened to you at work and how you’ve got the injury in the first place. This allows you to secure your steps into the filing process towards your claim. 

What’s Next?

The next steps during the filing process with a work injury can be a crucial one. What you want to ask your workers’ comp attorney is, “when will my workers’ comp case be settled:?” from here on out. Typically, this can occur in months and possibly years depending on the case. It’s important where you can go from there. Hence, a majority of workers’ comp cases end up settling before going into trial.

Another tip you may want to remember is if there is a possibility to  sue a third party that was involved during the time of your work-related injury. This would make them liable, therefore making it a possibility to get them involved. Furthermore, be honest with your attorney and also ask for consultation and overall fees for representation. Considering the fees, aside from the overall workers’ comp report, is another essential question to ask your attorney once a work-related injury just happened. 

Lastly, if you do happen to repetitively injure yourself on the job, there’s a chance that you can  file a new claim, especially if the injury happened in the same place that it did before on your body. As for benefits, workers get compensated depending on the state that they reside in. For instance, if you live in the state of California, then employees will receive medical care coverage, temporary and permanent disability as well as job displacement benefits. However, studies have found that the majority of settlements total out between the range of $2,000 – $20,000